Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Arrivals! Halloween Fabrics!

Halloween was always a fun and exciting time for me when I was young. My grandmother always made home-made costumes for my sister's and I. My grandmother was the one who introduced me to sewing, and although I cannot say she taught me everything I know about sewing (they didn't have rotary cutters in Grandma's day), she certainly started me off with a solid foundation. I spent many hours by her side in her sewing room. Even at the age of five she put me to work making yo-yo's! In keeping with my grandmother's tradition, I always made my daughter's costumes ~ right down to the treat bags!

The new collections for 2010 are inspiring! Haunted Mansion by Sanae and Halloween Night by Minick and Simpson ~ both Halloween classics for sure!

Jelly Roll
Charm Pack
Layer Cake




Charm Pack

These Halloween fabrics and more can be found at Alaska Quilting Adventures:

Fun Halloween patterns instock:

We also carry a selection of Pom-Pom makers in various sizes ~ helpful tools for costume making:

Pre-made Trick or Treat bags ~ for those special little goblins:

Set of Two $7.99

Monday, July 26, 2010

Alaska Fishing Misadventure

It is prime fishing season in Alaska.  The reds are running hard in the Kenai and Russian Rivers, and my husband, Bob, was lucky enough to bring some some salmon home last week!  So, with salmon in the freezer we decided to take a halibut charter out of Ninilchik.   Bob booked a lovely Bed & Breakfast in Kasilof, about a half hour ride from our charter service.  The weekend was off with great enthusiasm and expectations.  We were headed for what Bob called, a REAL Alaskan Adventure!

Preferring to stay indoors and quilt, the first thing I had to do was get a fishing license.  We then set off for our four hour ride from Eagle River to Kasilof.  This has been a very rainy summer, and it rained the whole way down.  We checked in to the Gallery Lodge, run by a lovely woman named Dot.  She is an artist and a quilter.  I enjoyed seeing her newly finished Christmas applique quilt, her paintings and pottery.  Truly talented!

We then headed south to Homer for dinner, another hour in Bob's truck in the rain.  I was hoping to get some beautiful pictures of Homer, however the rain prevailed!  

Homer, Alaska is a unique place on earth where the land, sea, mountains and sky all come together in the most majestic way.  Unfortunately, the poor weather did not provide ideal conditions for taking photographs.

It happened that our middle daughter Emily, had also headed to Homer for the weekend. Actually, Homer was only a stop on her way to Halibut Cove, a remote site that she had to take a water taxi to get to.  A friend of Emily's had won the lottery to stay in a state owned cabin.  I was hoping to connect with her in Homer, however her water taxi left before we arrived.   When I spoke to her on the phone, she was waiting for her water taxi in the infamous Salty Dawg Saloon.

I have heard it said: "Homer is a quaint little drinking village with a fishing problem."

I was concerned for Emily and her friend spending a rainy night at a remote cabin with nothing to do.  Not my Emily!  During the boat ride over they heard of a "Pirate Party" taking place in Halibut Cove.  They spent the night partying, meeting new people, and having a blast! (And in case you were wondering ~ yes, there were people dressed as Pirates!)
We arrived at the charter service the next morning ready to fish!  The weather was still raining, but Bob and I were hopeful, making bets on who between the two of us would catch the first fish.  However, due to mechanical problems with the boat we never left land.

We are rescheduled for next weekend at both the B & B and the charter service. Wish us better luck!  Hopefully, we will have better weather, our limit of halibut, and much better "Alaska" pictures to share!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Everybody Wants to Know.....

What fabric collections do you have in the scrap bags?

We have the following collections in-stock ~ at least at the time of this writing ~ this could change of course.  I will do my best to keep this list updated.  Quanities of each collection vary, and are limited.

  • Arnold's Attic by Barbara Brachman
  • Bliss by Bonnie and Camille out of stock 8/10/10
  • City Weekend by Oliver + s (New designer!)
  • Clarmont Farm by Minick and Simpson  (only 2 left - updated 9/8/10)
  • Collection for a Cause - Hope by Howard Marcus (Owner Moda fabrics)
  • Fandango by Kate Spain out of stock 8/10/10
  • Garden Party by Blackbird Designs
  • Lollipop by Sandy Gervis
  • Luna Notte by 3 Sister's
  • Martinique by 3 Sister's  (Updated 9/8/10)
  • Northwoods Botanicals by Holly Taylor
  • Park Avenue by 3 Sister's   These scrap bags turned out to have a mixture of different collections!  They are really scrap bags! (update 8/2/10)
  • Wrapped in Paisley by Kansas Troubles
  • Quilt Minnesota 2010 by Holly Taylor

Below you can view what each collection looks like:

Arnold's Attic

City Weekend

Clarmont Farms

Garden Party

Collection for a Cause - Hope


Luna Notte


Northwoods Botanicals

Wrapped in Paisley

Quilt Minnesota 2010

Update 8/10/10

Moda Scrap Bags

We received a large shipment of scrap bags in today ~ and when I say large let me tell you.....

The Moda Scrap Bag is a relatively new phenomenon.  One day the owner of Moda fabrics was visiting the plant where they make Layer Cakes, and he noticed that the scraps were being discarded.  He decided to salvage (no pun intended!) the scraps and the "Moda Scrap Bag" was born.  Since these cute little brown bags contain the same great fabrics as the Layer Cakes, most are color coordinated, although I have come across a few that are a hodge-podge from different collections. 

They are quite popular, and shipment has been sporadic, with long intervals between shipments ~ at times I have waited over six months on back orders!  So, in order to make sure I get these little gems in stock, I would place an order for one or two boxes, every four to six weeks.  Well, (and I'm sure you can guess what I am going to say next), all those back orders shipped at once and here they are at my doorstep ~ 126 scrap bags!!!  That is not a bad thing ~ I am absolutely thrilled!

Keep in mind, these cleaver little bags contain fabrics from future fabric collections, soon to be released!  They are not fabrics that you have been seeing in your local stores or on the web.  Each bag contains varying widths and lengths of fabric strips, most are 2" to 4" wide and are 32" or longer, some are salvage strips. There isn't a specific amount of strips in these little bags (like you get with Jelly Rolls), because they are based on weight.  Each bag weighs approximately 11 ounces (that's over a 1/2 pound of beautiful Moda fabric scraps!) Perfect for any scrap project.

At Alaska Quilting Adventures we offer Moda Scrap Bags at $9.84/each,
that's 18% off the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) of $11.99!

Click the link at the top of this page to shop AQA,
Moda Scrap Bags have their own store category and should be easy to find! 
The store category is under "Shop by Specialty Cut" - "Scrap Bags".

We would love to hear from you ~ please share how you have used these cleaver little bags!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hi ~ From Alaska Quilting Adventures

Here we go - the plunge into blogging!  We have been so fortunate at AQA to have loyal return customers.  Now we can keep everyone up-to-date with the latest AQA news and happenings.  We will be highlighting new arrivals, sales and what's coming next!  We pride ourselves in providing personalized customer service and great prices.

I love working with Moda fabrics and pre-cuts!!  The pre-cuts save time and give my projects a totally coordinated look with little effort.  The quality is surpassed by none - and we all want our quilts and other projects to last for years to come.  Moda is constantly releasing new fabric collections, so there is something for everyone. 

Not only does Moda deliver with the finest fabrics available, but their designers have destintive styles.  The biggest news is Moda will be introducing some new designer's who will be coming out with their debut collections later this year! 

We are excited to hear from you about your favorite fabric collections and designers, and of course your latest quilting projects! 

Summer Clearance Sale!

Summer in Alaska - long daylight hours perfect for all night quilting! Shop our Super Summer Clearance Sale for great prices on Moda fabrics, pattens, and quilt supplies