Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fish On!!

Our fishing adventure was at last successful!!  Armed with my Dramamine patch behind my ear, we head out very early in the morning, 5:00 AM.  The weather wasn't much better, but at least it wasn't pouring rain.  The water was rough, four foot squalls!

On the boat, there were five us fishing and our Captain.  Fishing was sporadic, between halibut, my companions were catching cod and sand sharks.  My first catch was a small halibut, so back he went.  My second catch wasn't too much bigger, but we kept him.  It is not a small task to reel a fish 200 feet!  Somewhere in the mix I caught a sand shark. 

When I let my own line out, I was quite proud, since I really don't know what I doing when it comes to fishing.  The wait was not long when it happened,  I got a bite - a real bite!   The struggle began.  Reeling and reeling, then the fish taking line.  As this went on, the Captain became quite excited!  It became more difficult to reel in, so I passed the pole to my husband, to the captain, to the young teenage boy aboard the boat, we all took our turns and yet the fish still fought.  As the fish got closer, the Captain got the the harpoon at the ready!  At last the fish was aboard - not as big as the Captain anticipated - but the biggest of the day.  He had tangled up in two other lines, each with a four pound weight, so with mine a total of 16 extra pounds.  He ended up over 50 pounds!  Not too shabby!  Not only did I catch the largest fish of the day, but was the first to catch my limit of two fish!

Yes - the big one is mine!!

Our Captain - Cleaning Fish

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